Stop complaining! Isn’t There Also A Good Side?

8 07 2014

stop complainingOnce I was watching an interesting TV program. A recording team scoured the countryside, stopping people on the streets, pointing the camera at their faces and telling them, “You’ve got two minutes on the air to say anything you want to say for the whole country to hear.”
No one had a prepared text. All 30 guest speakers talked off the top of their heads. This went on for an hour and every person without exception did one thing: complained about their homes, their family, about taxes and the high cost of living, about school or study or jobs.
All of these people seem to have thought to themselves, “this is my big chance: the whole country will be watching. I’ll tell them how bad things really are. Then everyone will know what’s wrong with the world.”
Nobody thought of saying what’s right with the world… Not one of the 30 thought of smiling into the camera and saying he or she was happy.
After that program I got the impression that we are a race of grumblers.
When was the last time you read a letter to the editor in one of our newspapers which praised or thanked someone?
Perhaps we have forgotten that the age-old saying is still valid: “The person who thinks, thanks.

So stop complaining,  isn’t there also a good side?



2 responses

9 07 2014
Simon Zozi


9 07 2014
Henry Doty

If you had two minutes to talk about anything you wanted what would you say?

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